A Complete List of Our Veterinarian and Clinic Services

Whether your pet needs a routine dental exam, x-rays after an accident, boarding while you are out of town, or anything else, Midway Road Animal Clinic is your North Dallas Veterinarian resource!


We handle emergencies during our regular office hours so please call us or walk in if your pet has been in an accident or has ingested something he or she shouldn't have.

Routine Wellness, Vaccinations, and Parasite Prevention

Your pets need to see the doctor every year just like you!

Fully Stocked In-House Pharmacy and Food

We source our medications and food from trustworthy vendors and store these items in ideal conditions.

Discounted Online Pharmacy and Food

Our on-line store is operated by Vets First Choice and features discounted, competitive prices - this is the safe and convenient way to get your pet's medications!

Dental Care

Cats and dogs need proper dental care and Midway Road Animal Clinic is committed to providing total oral care for your pet.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer a complete range of diagnostic testing with a full suite of updated Idexx laboratory equipment including serum chemistry, hematology, urine analysis, serology and parasite testing capabilities.

Routine Surgery - Orthopedic and Soft Tissue

Dr. Roberts is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.


Pets have allergies too.

Digital X-Ray

Our advanced radiographic capabilities enable us to almost instantly locate foreign objects, diagnose fractures, joint issues, organ abnormalities and diseases including cancer.


Ultrasound examination is a non-invasive imaging technique that allows our doctors to view internal organs for immediate diagnosis of pregnancy, heart conditions and cysts and tumors.

Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy provides non-invasive, pain-free, drug-free treatment of skin problems, such as hotspots and infections, arthritis, joint disease, or hip dysplasia, fractures and wounds and ear infections.

New Puppy/Kitten Care

It's so exciting to have a new furry friend join the family!

Geriatric Counseling

With respect to our geriatric patients, we can offer you advice with respect to mobility, vision, dental disease and heart disease and investigate for conditions affecting the thyroid, kidney, and liver as well as for diabetes and glaucoma.

General Client Education in Pet Care

Your pet will experience different stages of growth and we will be with you every step of the way to counsel you on changing wellness and nutritional needs.

Dietary Planning and Nutrition

Does your pet have dietary or gastrointestinal issues or do you have questions about nutrition for your pet?

Drop-Off Service

For your convenience, you may drop off your pet for treatment before you head to work.


Board your pet with us!


Pets do get lost sometimes and we ask that you please consider getting your dog or cat microchipped.

End-of-Life Care and Euthanasia

This is the most difficult thing we do and we will advise you with integrity and compassion, allowing you to consider your options of caring for your pet at home with a doctor's supervision or ending suffering with euthanasia.